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Those ugly, dark streaks on an asphalt shingle roof are not a defect in the shingles or a sign of a bad shingling job. It's algae that causes the roof to look bad. Some experts say algae may cause shingles to deteriorate prematurely.

This type of hardy, blue-green algae (Gloeacapsa magma) thrives in warm, humid climates. In the Midwest, it normally appears on  a north slope where shade and moisture support its growth.. However, the problem is most severe in the southeast Gulf states, where entire roofs can be covered in as little as four years.

The algae feed on inorganic filler materials such as calcium carbonate in asphalt shingles.
The Family Handyman Magazine, May 2004

What is the Solution?

1.  Well, you could ignore the problem.  But if you do, the moss, mold and algae will eventually destroy your roof.
2.  You could get a new roof if you would like to spend between $4,000 and  $10,000+.

3.  Or you could take charge and put an end to the problem. Fungus should first be removed by washing with a non-hazardous chemical treatment.


Duffyʼs Dirt-be-Gone Pressure and Soft Wash can help you with all your exterior needs -- from soft washing your roof to pressure washing your siding.  We are licensed and insured and care about doing a quality job.  We offer free estimates and friendly, personable service.  We work in residential and commercial communities;and offer competitive prices.

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Did You Know?

1.  Moss can break down fibers in shingles, forcing them apart and allowing leaks.
2.  Fungus reduces the ability of the roof to reflect away light and heat, making for higher air conditioning bills.

3.  A roof covered in fungus detracts from the appearance of the whole house, since the roof is one of the largest visible surfaces

4.  Many roofs are replaced prematurely due to damage by neglected moss

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